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My name is Phanice Kerubo from Samogara village in Marani sub- County. I’m a form three student at Itibo Girls

My father is mentally disabled and my mother passed away when l was 13 years old. After the death of my mother, I first stayed with my primary school head teacher then with my maternal grandmother who brewed and sold alcohol. Life was unbearable with my grandmother because of her business, I therefore moved from there and have been staying with the sister to my grandmother who has now been taking care of me.

I was introduced to ADRA while still in primary school. I benefited from the school feeding program, received sanitary towels and rubber shoes all from ADRA. ADRA continued to support me even in high school by paying my school fees and doing my shopping. Last year (2017) I would have dropped out of school but ADRA cleared my school fees balance of Kshs 86,500.  Thank you ADRA. Thank you ADRA donors. I thank God for ADRA